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Way Back To The Buddha's Place - Volume 02

Được viết bởi

The true method of Buddhism always gets straight to the points, tells the truth, teaches the specific, practical and clear practicing methods such as: “Prevent the evilness, eliminate the evilness, give rise to the goodness, develop the goodness” or “Not to perform evil deeds, instead perform good deeds”. Therefore, the method of the Buddha never tells untrue things, it always teaches things in accordance with the morality of humanity which is based on the law of cause-and-effect and considers humans as its centre for development, so that people have clear understanding and they themselves correct the mistakes and the deeds which are not in compliance with the morality to be true Humans, to be Holy ones... 

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1. pdf format

English version

Refer to Vietnamese version: Đường Về Xứ Phật - Tập 2

Đường về xứ Phật (tập 2)

Tập 2 sắp chào đời, với tập sách này chúng tôi thành tâm tha thiết, kêu gọi lòng chân thành của quý vị, hãy hướng về chánh pháp của đức Phật. Kính thưa quý vị! Từ xa xưa đến nay, các bậc Thầy Tổ của chúng ta, đang lầm lạc tu theo một giáo pháp không đúng của đạo Phật, mà cứ ngỡ tưởng rằng, mình đang tu theo đúng giáo pháp chân chánh của đức Phật. Tại sao lại lầm lạc như vậy? Vì không có người tu chứng hướng dẫn, nên cứ tự mình dựa vào kinh sách phát triển của Đại Thừa,

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Thông tin bổ sung

  • Paper size (khổ giấy): 13 x 20.5 cm
  • Page count: 474
  • Translated date: 4/2019
  • Language: English
  • Document type: Published book (sách xuất bản)
  • Document source

  • Author

  • Name: The Venerable Elder Thich Thong Lac
  • Introduction: The Venerable Elder Thich Thong Lac, having attained full enlightenment to master life - aging - sickness - death, has re-established the right method of the Sakyamuni Buddha, turning on the light of the moral foundation which is based on the causality law, having mankind as its core for development, helping people to live without creating sufferings for themselves, for other people and for all living beings.
  • Translator

  • Name: Tam Nhu
  • Introdution: The translator is a student of Buddhism and has made her best to carry out this translation work to support those who wish to learn Buddhism but could not read the book in Vietnamese. However, there would be areas of the work where correction or improvement may be needed. There have been helpful supports from many enthusiastic and kindhearted friends in this regards. Further constructive comments and recommendations are most welcomed to make the work better.
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  • Storage information

  • Code: ENV-01300201
  • File name: (ENV-01300201)-WayBackToTheBuddha'sPlace-V02.pdf
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